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All Losses Are Important
Loss of Parent/Grandparent / Spouse/Partner / Sibling / Infant / Child / Adult Child / Family / Friends / Pets

Grief is the most profound experience of one's lifetime.

The Grief Wall on Facebook offers resources, articles, quotes and links to help you navigate and cope with your loss, grief and healing.

You never need to grief alone.

Join others who have experienced losses and understand painful grief firsthand and meet grief counselor and spiritual author John Pete.

Meet John Pete Online

"He whom we love and lose is no longer where he was before. He is now wherever we are." 
                                                                                         -Saint John Chrysostom

Richard Dixon Kennedy - Rich D Kennedy - Happy trails until we meet again.
In Memory of Rich D Kennedy

DISCLAIMER: Free and fee-based grief counseling is available in most metropolitan areas and can be located through yellow pages, hospices, or a hospital social worker or chaplain. Any information provided on our sites is intended only to provide resources and information related to grief and healing. It is NOT a substitute for medical care, grief counseling, or any other professional services at any time.